CLAY (2014)

deconstructing the language of ideology

The inseparable relationship between image culture and ideology has played a significant role in world history. For centuries, leaders of any kind have proven to be extremely aware of the power of the image, including its manipulative characteristics.

Under the influence of a ceaseless thirst for power, both individuals and groups design a carefully constructed visual language to successfully propagate their ideology to the people. A consistent and properly designed presentation of a complete picture, combined with a convincingly proclaimed message that responds to the needs and fears of their receivers, will ensure ultimate indoctrination and guaranteed success.

A study in the aesthetics of power and leadership through time revealed a submerged pattern of interchangeable similarities, techniques and visual elements used to convey an ideology. By deconstructing this language, Clay exposes its artificial nature.


lambda print on Fujicolor Chrystal Archive paper,
on dibond, behind matte acrylic glass, framed
120cm x 90cm / 48″ x 36″ edition of 3



Clay installation view

Clay installation view